With over 100 years in use tile roofs are a leader in the worlds roofing industry

Compared to any other material in the roofing industry tile roofs hands down has been the leading choice of most roofing companies world wide.

Being the most popular roof for centuries, this product has years and years of field performance enhancements and longest track record of performance and protection, ranking it the #1 choice in America and beyond!

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Get to know what tile roofs can offer you


Longevity also plays a role as to why the tiles are the favorite for roofs! One installation can withstand 50-100 years of harsh winters and Texas summers. The maintenance of this product also factors in, needing little to no maintenance over the years, while asphalt shingles may need replaced and repaired from time to time.

Our 5 step process

  1. Thorough inspection
  2. Insurance claims, not to worry, we’ll help with this.
  3. Choosing the best product for your home.
  4. Professional installation by certified, competent workers.
  5. final evaluation, with inspection by us, you and the insurance company.

Our job is not finished until all are satisfied!

Roof Repair Fort Worth works with only the top-of-the-line manufacturers in the business to bring you a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. If you want square tiles, you got it. Maybe you’re more of a circle tile kind a guy? We can hook you up!

Modern technology has played a part in us being able to provide you with a product that contains water shedding ability and ventilation features providing you with comfort, beauty and protection year round, while lowering that electric bill.

Clay and concrete tiles continue to be the favorite choice because of their durability, selection and protection! It is one of the few roofing materials that can withstand winds of 150 mph.

Roof Repair Fort Worth is licensed, bonded and satisfaction is guaranteed! Let our friendly customer service agents set you up with an appointment scheduled around your busy life. We will even assist you with the somewhat overwhelming insurance papers. Our commitment to excellence has set our company at the top of the roofing field.

For the amount of money you are spending on this project, you deserve to have the job done right! Our roofers are qualified professionals, making us one of the leading roofing companies in the DFW area. Your roof will be our priority from start to finish, no rushing to get done, taking the time to communicate every step with you.It is important to us that you understand everything we are doing and why it needs done. There will be no surprise charges at the end of the job.