Stone Coated Tile Roofs

Roof Repair Fort Worth can hook you up with this extremely durable, very unique material for a roof that will be all the rage at your next neighborhood BBQ!

We have access to the DECRA line roofing system. Each stone coated tile is molded into different profiles, unlike other common roofing materials.

There are many benefits to stone coating tile roofs


Let the professionals at Roof Repair Fort Worth deal with your all your roofing issues, so you can deal with the rest of your hectic life, we even help with the dreaded insurance paperwork.

We only do business with top-notch manufacturers to provide the best products for our costumers. Our expertise and experience can make this major purchase for you a bit easier to tackle.

There are just a few shady, deceitful people in this field and they would be glad to “low-bid” the job on your house, only to do shoddy work with unqualified men on your roof.

TIP::If their price is considerably lower, chances are they have one head guy who is bonded and insured. Insist on credentials for all workers. We may even suggest you ask for a list of past customers to contact for referrals, this deters any guy with a hammer and a nice tan from getting on your roof and possibly causing damage instead of fixing it.

The stone coated mater can be molded in “profiles” to resemble asphalt, clay tiles and wood shakes, while it may look like these other materials, they are made to be more durable and need less maintenance.
The DECRA panels are not installed vertically, the smaller panels are installed horizontally, but do inter-lock aiding in leak prevention. The inter-locking lay out also prevents blow-off.

They are not likely to need repair or replaced at all, let us assist you in making this permanent decision for the home you hope to pass down to your children when the time comes. Save them the hassle, call us now at 817-888-8330!

This product has a life span of over 50+ years, as well as a class A fire rating and a class 4 UL impact resistance rating.

This product contains upwards of 25% recycled materials, which means “green” meaning a better environment for the next generation of home owners. They are compatible with water catchment systems as well as sky lights and solar panels, also better for the environment.

We are happy to show you proof of qualifications as well as references. Our trained professionals are very knowledgeable in our field and can save you tons of time by informing you of the many different types of products available. We have done our research so you don’t have to!

Our friendly customer service agents are standing by to answer any questions you may have.

Don’t get swindled by unqualified, dishonest scam artists that go door to door after that big storm, claiming you have damage. Let us come out for a proper inspection.