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Professional installers, great supervision and a high quality of installs

We look forward in helping you make the right choice in picking your next roof on your home or business. We are a group of experts in the field of roof installations and one of the leading roof companies in North Texas.

When you choose roof repair fort worth , your hiring the very best in quality service

Residential Roofs

234102_origIt may be that you only need a bit of repair, due to that storm last winter or spring. At Roof Repair Fort Worth, we can accommodate that as well. You may not have the time to deal with your leaky roof. We do! Call us at 817-888-8330 and a friendly customer service agent will send a qualified roof repairman to inspect the damage, work with you to make a plan, while explaining what he plans to do and why.

It may be that your knee has been acting up again and the wife wont allow you up on the roof. We got you! Each of installers is certified and we can safely inspect and repair your roof at a price that may surprise you.
Don’t let the insurance paperwork scare you, we can fill directly with your company, leaving you to deal with everything else in your busy life.


Commercial Roofs

3632631_origSo, you finally get your own business off the ground, things are going great! Then you discover that leak in the corner. If not repaired properly it could cost you way more than it needs to. Don’t trust just anyone with a hammer and a nice tan to take care of the issue. Call the professionals at 817-888-8330, we will do an inspection and if the roof needs replaced, we can do that. However if it only requires a simple repair, you can trust us to do just that.

We live in a cut-throat world and the roofing business has its share of scam artists and downright shady people. At Roof Repair Fort Worth, all of our installers are licensed, certified and insured.

We understand you may have payroll, inventory and customers to deal with, let us handle you roof, so you can handle your business.