When you finally decide to fix that leaky roof, let us help!

This weekend you are gonna have to make the time to fix that leak that is ruining your carpet. With the kids out of school, how about you call us and we can take care of that for you, so you can try out the new BBQ grill. At Roof Repair Fort Worth, that’s what we do, giving you more family time.

It may seem like just a small leak, when extensive damage to the structure of your home could be happening, you just can’t see it! The sooner it is addressed, the better. Call us at 817-888-8330 and we’ll be right there with a free quote.

Believe it or not, a good deal of roof damage can be prevented with proper installation.

This is especially true with flashing. Flashing is on the edges of the roof, around chimneys, vent pipes and also where the angles change on the roof. Did you know that? We do! Our knowledgeable team of installers has studied and learned all there is to know about roof repair and the products used.

Our Customer Service Agents are friendly, helpful and will send an installer to your home on your schedule. At Roof Repair Fort Worth, we understand your time is valuable and we will be on time and work hard to complete the job in a timely manner.

With shingles, they are sometimes nailed incorrectly, causing damaged material even blow off in a storm or high wind.

Perhaps you lost a few shingles in that last storm, not a problem. After a thorough inspection, our qualified team will remove any damaged material and replace only what is needed. Unlike some shady guy with a hammer and a nice tan, wanting to stick you with buying a whole new roof. This field has a few scam artists here and there. Not with us! We only hire skilled, qualified workers and each one is licensed and certified.

Gutters can also cause damage if not kept cleaned out. When they are full of leaves and debris, the water rests on the roof around the edges. with some roofs, you can have damage and not be aware of it.

Our simple 5 step process

  1. Thorough inspection.
  2. Insurance claim, we can assist in this area.
  3. Choosing the best product for your home.
  4. Installation.
  5. Final evaluation, by us, you and the insurance company.

Our job is not completed until all parties are satisfied!

We think you’ll be surprised with our professionalism, our supervised, certified installers will not be standing around smoking, eating or spending time on their cell phones. They are there to do a job! With the exception of an emergency. We all have them and not only do we treat our employees with respect, but we care about their families as well.

You need to call 817-888-8330 at the first sign of a problem. A small problem can turn into a bigger one quickly if not addressed.

We deal only with the top manufacturers in the business and with Roof Repair Fort Worth, customer satisfaction is guaranteed!
Integrity and respect have been a large part of our being one of the leading companies in the DFW area for over 25 years.

Here at Roof Repair Fort Worth, our specialists will even help you fill out the sometimes overwhelming insurance paperwork. We will even deal directly with the insurance company, giving you more time for everything else in your crazy, busy life.