We Install New Roofs Right The First Time, Every Time…

If it’s time to finally replace that roof, call Roof Repair Fort Worth and let us help you! Our qualified installers and team of people can help you with this major decision, you don’t have to go it alone.

Replacing a roof can be a stressful and confusing time. Between the insurance company red tape, the choices of product available and the shady people out to take advantage of you, you still have to go to work, stop at the grocery and attend that parent teacher meeting.

Your In Good Hands With One Of Our New Roof Installation Crews

It may be your finally building that dream home. At Roof Repair Fort Worth we can replace a damaged roof or start from scratch and make sure you’re covered, Literally. We only work with top manufactures in the business and can offer a wide range of roofing materials. There are many decisions to be made, from what the new roof is made of, to what color, to filing the sometimes overwhelming insurance paperwork.

We understand that your time is valuable, when you call 817-888-8330, one of our friendly customer service agents will send a qualified, certified installer to your home at your convenience and when hired, we show up on time and will work diligently to finish the job in a timely manner.

Our 5 step process says it all

  1. A thorough inspection.
  2. Insurance claims, we can help with this.
  3. Choosing the best product for your home, there are a lot of choices to be made.
  4. Quality installation.
  5. Final evaluation.

Our job is not finished until all parties are satisfied

We have been a leading company in this business for over 25 years, our experience, integrity and dependability continue to keep us at the top of our field. At Roof Repair Fort Worth, every worker on the job is certified as well as qualified. Some contractors, only head guy is certified.

A few tips for choosing a contractor to replace your roof

  • Ask for certifications for each worker on job
  • Ask for proof of General Liability Insurance
  • Ask for references, call the references. A new roof costs a pretty penny, you need to find out who is doing it.
  • Do not hire just anybody like the guy who knocks on your door after the big storm holding a hammer.

234102_origAllow us to stop the drama right now, call 817-888-8330! We can comply with all of the above and will not be offended if asked for proof.
The guy you don’t want on your roof is the guy who left his certification in his other pants. We live in a scary world and the roofing business has it’s share of people who will take advantage of you and more than likely cost you more money due to shoddy work.

Replacing or constructing a new roof can be costly. Keep in mind, that this is more than likely a one time purchase. Call Roof Repair Fort Worth and let us assist you in making the choices and decisions that will need to be made. We got you covered, literally!