The last roof you will ever need!

Absolutely the last roof you will ever install on your home or business. We have multiple colors, styles and a variety to choose from. Yes, the cost is more than asphalt but in the long run you will save in repairs and re-installs.

Metal roofs are by far the best in durability and life span longevity. You can honestly say that this roof will out live you and your family. We have the option to those that can afford and would like to have that peace of mind knowing that their roof issue will never arise again.


We can help you find just the right metal roof for your home. Our qualified, certified installers are very knowledgeable about metal roofs and the most efficient way to install them.

Don’t be anxious about the insurance company, we will help you with all the sometimes confusing paper work. A metal roof may even lower your insurance bill. Wouldn’t that be nice?

If you can afford to drop a dime, Metal Roofs come in a variety of choices, from color to shape and size. The experts at Roof Repair Fort Worth would love to assist you in choosing just the right roof for your home. Call 817-888-8330 and let us help you make a very important decision without all the fear and anxiety that can accompany such a major purchase, on the bright side this will only have to be dealt with one time.

Our 5 step process

  1. thorough inspection
  2. insurance claim…you will not be alone in this nerve racking process, many of our products will even lower your monthly bill.
  3. Selecting the best choice for your home.
  4. Quality installation by qualified professionals.
  5. Final evaluation, final inspection by us, you and the insurance company to be certain all are satisfied.

All work is warrantied and guaranteed!

Here are some of the options we can help offer you

Metal Slate

This inter-locking design has the appearance of slate, without the added weight. Slate is very expensive and may require added rafter support, due to the weight of the product, adding to the cost of this project.

At Roof Repair Fort Worth, we understand your time is valuable! Don’t waste any of that precious time shopping around, we know our stuff and have already invested the time it takes to research the different types of products for your roof. You can trust us to help you make the best choice.


Metal Shingles

Pictured is Brass copper. These shingles inter-lock on 4 sides as well as being nailed, providing maximum coverage and protection from the elements.
They come in a variety of colors, enhancing the appearance of your home and raising your property value.

Roof Repair Fort Worth is one of the leading companies in the DFW area. This business has it’s share of shady, unqualified scam artists that will attempt to take advantage of you, especially after a good storm. We encourage you to check credentials before hiring anyone! The professionals here are licensed and bonded.


Metal Shake

This product gives the appearance of cedar wood without the complications of mold, rot and warping under the elements. It is a two-way inter-locking system and the Shake roof is treated with a heavy grain texture for durability and beauty like no other. It also comes in a wide range of colors to choose from.

Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist you in making a once-in-a-lifetime choice.
Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is what sets us apart from the competition.

Call 817-888-8330 for a free quote! Customer service reps are awaiting your call.


Metal Tiles

These tiles give the appearance of gorgeous, traditional Mediterranean tiles without the added weight. They are approximately 96% lighter than the old style clay or concrete tiles, saving you a substantial amount of your hard earned cash without compromising style and beauty.
At Roof Repair Fort Worth our commitment and integrity is a small part of why we are one the leading roofing companies in the area!

TIP:: We encourage you to visually check credentials of all personnel climbing a ladder at your house, as some shady people will only have the top-dog certified, but not all workers.

Metal Roofs Come In These Colors