A Roof Is Not Done Until Its Attic Is Insulated

We will inspect your attic for free to ensure it is properly insulated.

A well-insulated attic can save you up to 20% on your electric bill! At Roof Repair Fort Worth, we can help with that! Poor insulation allows for your heating/cooling bill to sky rocket as your cool air escapes, or the warm air during those cold winter nights.

Let Roof Repair Fort Worth come out an inspect your attic. Our professionals use a few different types of insulation making the best choice for your home. We recommend about 18 inches of insulation, do you have that much?

Spray On Application

Adding insulation to your attic may even look fun, not to worry, our professional installers take every precaution to apply the pink stuff safely and effectively using the AttiCat blowing machine. The blower “fluffs up” the itchy material for maximum coverage. the more we blow, the fluffier it becomes, not something you want the kids playing on though.

As with your roof, a bad insulation job is only going to cost you more money, trust Roof Repair Fort Worth to do the job correctly and efficiently the first time! Our commitment to excellence and our dedicated installers take a bit of pride in doing an exceptional job every time.
Call us today for a free inspection! 817-888-8330.

As with all of our roofing jobs, we have the same 5 step process

  1. Inspection
  2. Insurance claims, we help with all the confusing paperwork.
  3. Choose the best product for your house.
  4. Quality installation.
  5. Final evaluation, by us, you and the insurance company.

Our job is not complete until all 3 are satisfied!

The entire process wont take up your whole day, start to finish is normally around 2 hours, our experienced installers know just where to put a little extra, providing maximum protection.

No longer will the itchy pink stuff make a mess in your attic, as all the material stays confined to the blower machine.

Spray On Foam Insulation

8873814_origJust one benefit of using spray foam insulation is it can typically insulate and protect 50% better than the old traditional insulation, which may have been there since your house was built, back in the 70s. Technology has come a long way and here at Roof Repair Fort Worth, we are educated on the latest products and tools to insulate your home properly, in turn, saving you money.

The itchy fiberglass is outdated and the spray foam insulation is easier, more efficient and used more these days.

This product is made out of isocyanate and polyol, if you’re not familiar with these terms, not to worry we are! We know what you’re thinking, “I’ll just save some money and do it myself.” Please don’t! There are risks in working with isocyanates, they are powerful irritants affecting the eyes, gastrointestinal system as well as your respiratory system! Not worth the risk to save a buck, call the professionals at 817-888-8330, we will take all precautionary measures while you and your family stay safely downstairs enjoying a movie.