A lifetime of protection

Peace of mind is worth it all! just imagine you knowing that when you install an impact resistant roof you will be protected for years to come!

We don’t have a lot of storms living in Texas, but the ones we do have can cause major damage to a perfectly good roof. In most cases, you are covered by insurance, but don’t let that scare you, at Roof Repair Fort Worth, we help with the dreaded paperwork of the insurance company as well as repairs or replacement. Call 817-888-8330 for a free quote today!

We only deal with top-of-the-line manufacturers, bringing the best service in the DFW area. Our Costumer reps are waiting to hear from you!

Don’t fall victim to another storm this season protect your home or business with impact resistant shingles.

To learn all about the impact resistant roof shingles click on the image below

GAF is one manufacturer we deal with, here are just a few advantages to calling us first

  • They have an excellent variety of shingles, including Timberline which are the #1 selling shingle in North America.
  • They offer roof/deck protection. Offering ultimate protection from wind-driven rain, while allowing moisture to escape from your attic.
  • A durable leak barrier, an excellent upgrade in vulnerable areas.
  • They offer Starter Strip Shingles, saving time, reducing the risk of blow off and eliminate waste.
  • They offer Cobra Attic Ventilation, saving you money, reducing your energy bills, by allowing heat and moisture to escape attic.
  • They offer Ridge Cap Shingles, improving the appearance of your home and raising the value while protecting the hips and ridges from leaks.


Another variety GAF offers is the Grand Sequoia IR. Here are just a few highlights of the product you can get by contacting Roof Repair Fort Worth Today!

  • Can save you money on your homeowners insurance. Up to 30% at times! This product passes a class 4 impact test.
  • Meets laboratory tested Class F wind protection. Dura Grip Adhesive is on each shingle, reducing blow off and sealing against leaks.
  • Passes UL 2218 class 4, the toughest high impact test available, resisting cracks and ruptures.
  • Laboratory tested class A fire rating. making your home safer.
  • Stain Guard protection, improving the beauty of your home. A variety of colors to choose from, reducing the risk of unsightly algae.

These high impact products are tested in simulations of 2″ hail coming at your roof at 70 mph!

The Timberline beauty enhances the value of the resale of your home. Using SBS modified asphalt for flexibility and maximum impact resistance. Roof Repair Fort Worth offers the product with stain guard applied, protecting from algae growth. We offer maximum coverage for the best price.
This product is UL 790 class A fire rated, saving you money on your insurance!

The Grand Sequoia offers style and beauty with a more “wood” appearance, while protecting your home. Call 817-888-8330 and our friendly customer service agent will set you up with a qualified roofer in a timely manner. These shingles also pass the rigorous testing with flying colors, rating with the highest marks in Class A fire and the UL 2218 class 4 impact testing, also lowering your insurance payments.
These are also constructed with the SBS modified asphalt for maximum protection.