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Allow Our Business To Assist Your Business With That New Commercial Roof!

The above picture may look a little scary, not to us at Roof Repair Fort Worth. Our qualified installers have spent a considerable amount of time learning all there is to know about roofs, whether it be a repair or a brand new roof.

We understand you are running a business and have other things to think about, like pay roll and inventory, let us handle all your roofing needs. Our knowledgeable team can make this process a little stressful for you, and a lot less time consuming.

When Your Looking For A Commercial Roof Installation Company; We Are The Ones To Call!


EPBM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, also called a “rubber roof”. It is the most economical way to go. You may not know much about this popular product, but we do.
It is a singly ply application, saving time and more importantly your money. The thickness ranges from 30 mils to 100 mils, although the most popular is 45 mils or 60mils. 1 mil is equivalent to 0.001 inch.
The enhanced durability and versatility of this product makes it easier to install and maintain. Again, saving you money.
The rubber membrane is easily contoured, making it much easier to instal on an unusual shaped roof.
We only deal with the top manufacturers, let us assist you in this endeavor.
We have been serving the DFW area for over 25 years with respect and integrity, call 817-888-8330, and let’s get you started.


These days, everyone is going “green” which is better for our environment. Does it make you nuts when your employees throw that plastic bottle right in with the trash? This may be the choice for you. Although it is better for the planet, it may not be as nice to your budget as it may be more expensive to start out, yet saving you money in the future. The cost of a green roof depends largely on how much time and money you have for maintenance. The types of plants you choose will determine how much maintenance will be needed. Maybe you’ve got your eye on LEED Certification, (the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.)
At Roof Repair Fort Worth, we’re all about certifications, every one on the job is certified as well as qualified.


Although a metal roof may cost you more in the beginning, it can also save you money in the future by lowering your electric bill as well as your insurance bill in some cases.
This may very well be the only roof you ever buy! The longevity and durability will protect your business from any type of weather, while raising the property value of the building. Call 817-888-8330 for a free quote, our friendly customer service agents will send a qualified installer to you, on your schedule.
A metal roof is better for the environment by containing some recycled products, it has little to no repair, resulting in less waste and in some cases, can be installed over your existing roof, saving you money, as you don’t pay for removal of old material.


A steel roof on your business can enhance the beauty of the building by simply adding some color, along with protection, durability and slim chance of blow off!

At Roof Repair Fort Worth, we do business with the top manufacturers in the field. Our qualified installers will show up on time and work diligently to complete the job in a timely manner. We understand that your time is valuable, we can save you time by recommending what our professionals perceive might interest you, after a brief visit, learning your needs.

Don’t spend anymore time searching for a roofing contractor, call 817-888-8330 today!


This product is the way to go for the restaurant owner, as well any other business where appearance is key to attract customers. It has the look of Cedar Wood and comes in an array of colors.
It is a two-way interlocking system and a heavy grain texture is used to provide ultimate stability and durability against the weather.

Our team is waiting for your call at 817-888-8330! Our qualified installers are knowledgeable with the interlocking system and if repairs are needed, we can do that.


If the look of your building is important to you, such as a restaurant or a quaint little shop, Roof Repair Fort Worth can hook you up with this gorgeous tile roof. It gives the appearance of the overpriced clay and concrete tiles without all the weight.
These tiles are 96% lighter than traditional clay or concrete tiles and come in a variety of colors to choose from.
We have been helping businessmen in the DFW get the best bang for their buck for over 25 years. We pride ourselves on professionalism, integrity and customer satisfaction.

Call us today at 817-888-8330, let’s get you started with a free quote.


Do you adore the look of slate but don’t quite have the budget? Let Roof Repair Fort Worth hook you up with this metal slate roof. It has the look of traditional slate without all the weight of stone, at a price that may surprise you.

Our qualified installers can beautify your building in a timely manner and are educated in the use of this interlocking system.

Whether it be repairs or total replacement, we’ve got you covered! Just call 817-888-8330 and our friendly customer service reps will send a certified installer to you on your schedule. After all, time is money.

IMPACT Resistant

We don’t have storms that often here in Texas, but when we do, be protected. This high impact product can stand against hail, high winds and the Texas summer sun. Its durability and resistance is second to none.

We use only top manufacturers including GAF. Call 817-888-8330 and allow our friendly staff to educate you about how you can obtain a strong , durable, high impact roof at a price that may surprise you.