Don’t Need A New Roof; We Can Repair The One You Have.

Why pay for a new roof when you don’t have to? At Roof Repair Fort Worth, our honesty and integrity is part of the reason we are one of the leading companies in this field. Don’t take a chance, call us now at 817-888-8330 and let us handle all of your roofing needs, so you can handle your business!

Our friendly customer service agents are standing by ready to send out a qualified installer, on your schedule. We understand that your time is valuable, when you choose us, we will show up on time and work diligently to complete the job in a timely manner.
We are living in dark times and the roofing business has it’s share of shady, dishonest people who will lose no sleep over charging full price for a new roof, when in reality, you only needed a few minor repairs.

In some cases a new roof is not the right choice and roof repairs should be the way to go

Replacing Broken Tiles

These tiles are beautiful as well as durable, but in case damage does occur, our qualified, certified installers can fix you up quickly and efficiently. They are knowledgeable of all the products and will not replace any material that doesn’t need it.
The majority of damage will be around chimney’s, vent pipes and where the roof changes angles, allowing the weather to cause damage.
You can minimize damage by catching it quick and calling Roof Repair Fort Worth to repair damaged area.


Metal Sheet Replacement

Although you are not likely to incur damage with this durable material, In can occur, especially around chimneys and where flashing is located. Roof Repair Fort Worth can repair it in a timely manner with quality work.
Chances are you spent quite a bit of money on that roof, don’t pay more than you need to to have it fixed. Call us now at 817-888-8330 for a free quote, our prices may surprise you.
Our professional team can cover everything from a free quote, to confusing insurance paper work, to repair and clean up. Our job is not done until you are satisfied!

Shingle Replacement

Not just the weather, but with shingles, you may have incurred algae damage. We can fix that. Shingles are the easiest to replace, the qualified installers at Roof Repair Fort Worth can inspect and repair in a timely fashion. We understand your time is valuable, you may have other business to tend to like pay roll and inventory. Let us handle all you roofing needs, so you can handle your business.

Don’t put your safety at risk climbing up to the roof, our qualified roofers are trained to maneuver around on a ladder.